In one of the past centuries, what Textil is doing would only be possible in a big European trading port where a fleet of cross-ocean ships with long expected cargos arrives every day: among spices and exotic plants also precious fabrics from distant imperies. Today, it is a project being led by a team of experienced young people from the headquarters in Užice, with the spirit of adventure across the far away seas kept inside the main building with its formal associations of an elegant ship's body.

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Belowdecks is filled with materials from Italy, China, Korea, Bulgaria, Turkey, India, Brazil and manufactures of all the eminent textile producers from around the globe. The amounts of sold fabric is mesured in thousands of kilometers per year which are the distances that connect this empire with the biggest fashion capitals. Light and heavy clothes, male, female and children's ready-wear together with haberdashery details necessary to fashion industry are all hidden there.

The beginning of this family business lies in the third decade of the last century, with its name and final textil trade identity gained in 1991. Just a couple of years later Textil opens a warehouse in Belgrade, and soon after that an office in China. Young and creative, the team leads the company to a continious business increase and clear modern designers' approach which results in the creation of the Textil headquarters buiding in 2007 that was awarded by Salon of Architecture and Architectural Chamber for exceptional achievement in architecture.

Today Textil cooperates with most of local brands and has a new office in Belgrade in GTC Plaza business centre. As a leader in creating textile concept they are the first and the only ones that choose their materials collections for coming seasons, which means that right now the final preparations for the 2012 fall/winter collection are being made.

Do you know what will people wear this fall? Ask Textil.